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Pistol Packin' Piggies

In Ottawa, we have a competitive BBQ Team called the Pistol Packin' Piggies.  They are a husband and wife combo and their names are Brad and Caroline Rohrig.  They have been invited to "The Jack" otherwise known at the Annual Jack Daniel's Championship Invitational BBQ.   They are one of five Canadian teams out of a total of 79 teams that were "invited".  to be invited to the competition you have to win or place in a certain number of sanctioned events.  Here is a link to their site with all the rules, regulations and info.



We are pleased that Brad and Caroline purchased all their products for the competition from us.  They are using bone in chicken thighs, beef brisket, beef tenderloin steaks, bone in pork shoulders and pork side ribs.  We wish them luck and thank you for all the support!!

Here are a  couple of pictures from their setup in Lynchburg, Tennessee at the competition



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